Provide stable stream of post-working life income, just like a regular salary, enable you to enjoy a leisurely and carefree retirement life for the specified years.

What is Annuity?

Annuity is a powerful financial planning tool that when used for the right purpose, and in the right situation, can provide tremendous value to the annuity buyer. Annuity is a contractual financial product that is designed to accept and grow funds from an individual and then, upon annuitization, pay out a stream of payments to the individual at a later point in time. The period of time when an annuity is being funded and before payouts begin is referred to as the accumulation phase. Once payments commence, the contract is in the annuitization phase.

Who needs Annuities?

To ensure a better quality of retirement life, other than relying solely on MPF, a well-structured guarantee return retirement saving plan is also important. Annuities provide you a stable stream of income as part of your retirement income.

Why choose GMD?

In GMD, we like to look at prices and solutions from all available annuity providers, not just 2-3, but try to create the greatest benefit for you using the least amount of money.




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