What is MPF?

Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) is the base of your retirement protection. The Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) system was introduced by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) in December 2000 to assist in the provision of retirement reserve for the workforce. It is one of the three pillars for old age protection in Hong Kong, complementing a social safety net and private savings and insurance. It provides retirees with retirement reserve to cover their basic financial needs.



Who should enroll?

Except those exempted, all employees and self-employed persons aged 18 to aged below 65, and are normally residing and working in Hong Kong, are required to participate in an MPF scheme, including:

Employees who have worked for 60 days or more (including full-time or part-time)
Self-employed persons who earn an income from the production or trade of goods or services not in the capacity of an employee Casual employees who work in the catering or construction industries (even those who have worked fewer than 60 days)

Why choose GMD?

GMD believes that your MPF needs the same level of care and due diligence as your personal investments. Having the right strategy and investment mixes may bring you a step closer to realizing your dream retirement lifestyle.

Our professional Wealth Management Advisors help you on Portfolio set-up and long-term follow-up, and provide you One-stop financial advice, from group life, group medical to commercial insurance. We will act as facilitator between trustees and you. With strong support from GMD Investment Research Department, we provide you swift market updates.



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