Message from the CEO

The financial service industry has been rising rapidly nowadays; it has already become an inelastic demand to purchase wealth management products. Facing the overwhelming financial instruments and products, what decision would the customers make?

GET MDREAM Wealth Management Limited (GMD) insists in the concept of "Learning before investing", let the financial advisors and customers to learn about the various financial knowledges first, then our independent financial advisors provide appropriate wealth management services to the customers according to their needs.

Since I joined the finance industry in 2001, and participated in developing GET in 2007, I always stand firm on "Working in financial service is not only about money", it is easy to get lost if you only focus on making money, do not join this industry just to be wealthy, you will have to pursue your passion, find what you love to do, money is only by-products after all.

I had given up my steady well-paid job in investment banking because I have to admit that I had some magical bonds with this Independent Financial Adviser (hereinafter referred as IFA) industry. I am passionate working in IFA industry, besides from that, I love building a team who share the same value that allows us to pursuing dreams together. Therefore, I chose to stay in this industry. I believe that "always do your best, what you plant now, you will harvest later". I know it is easier said than done, but my job satisfaction comes from cultivating more excellent IFA indeed. And this is the idea of how GMD is formed at first.

Discover customers' unknown needs, financial planning

As a Certified Financial Planner CFPCM, I use some scientific methods to understand every customer's needs, and help them to realize what they want in the future. Satisfying our customers is our ultimate goal, we tailor-made some specific solutions and recommendations in order to achieve customers' ideal plan. Financial planning means by using scientific method and specific procedure to customize practical and flexible plans. For example, retirement planning, children education planning or integrated planning. These are the financial plans that could provide customers with a better lifestyle and higher living standard.

Conduct quality control, and good faith is the most important

As the laws and regulations are becoming updated and complete, for example, the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance is becoming more and more precise; it definitely set a challenge to the financial industry. With regard to this obstacle, I somehow don't see it as a threat but feel confident about in. Because GMD started in an earlier stage of this industry, and our administration management level is relatively young, we are more flexible and easier to adapt to changes. As a wealth management company with a history and scale, GMD has input much resource in quality control. We are very cautious in talents recruiting and training, we particularly focus on the good faith of our staff, business licenses and internal monitoring and so on, we do this to take up the responsibility for the public.

I feel confident in the financial industry of Hong Kong and GMD, and I commit myself to providing more professional and high quality services to the markets of Hong Kong, mainland and Southeast Asia so as to reward the support from the whole society.




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