Management Team

Mr. Thomas Leung

Founder and President (Greater China) of GET MDream Wealth Management Limited

Mr. Thomas Leung is the Director and President (Greater China) of GET MDream Wealth Management Limited and founder of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Studies, and Executive Director of Compass College and Bridal Academy.

Mr. Leung graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1999.

In 2004, Mr. Leung confidently foresaw huge growth in local demand for wealth management goods and services based on his firm belief and forecast that the local stock market would trigger a new wave of rally; he founded the first wealth management service company in the same year. As the company grew and various opportunities and challenges arose under external market factors, Mr. Leung led the company to ride out crises in the ups and downs of the ever-changing financial market. When the local financial crisis occurred in 2008, Mr. Leung became a pioneer who leveraged the Mainland market encouraged by his conviction that "Crisis brings opportunities". Not only had such step helped his company survived the operation difficulties, but it also positioned the company's market strategy as serving the Asia Pacific, the company had provided premium one-stop services and diversified wealth management services for the target markets.

Outside office, Mr. Leung is an active participant in public affairs and charitable activities. He is currently serving as the Honorary Vice-President of Lions Club of Tsuen Wan, Honorary Vice-President of E-give for You Charity Foundation and formerly as Director of the Board of Pok Oi Hospital (2012 - 2013).

For his contributions to the society, Mr. Leung has been rewarded with the Outstanding Chinese Youth award from the Global Outstanding Chinese Association (2016), Distinguished CEO of the Year from the Capital CEO Magazine (2012-2013) and Award for Outstanding Society Contribution from the Elite Entrepreneur Association (2012) as recognition of his excellent achievements in local education, financial and wealth management businesses.

Mr. Rick S.L Tam

Director and CEO of GET MDream Wealth Management Limited

Mr. Rick Tam was appointed the CEO and director of GMD on 1 August 2016. Mr. Tam took part in founding GET in 2007, and had served various leading positions including Director of Investment Research Department, Sales Director, and Managing Director. He made great contributions in gaining external recognition of the company's brand and promoting the company's awareness and has provided valuable opinions on the Group's overall management and development.

Mr. Tam graduated from the Faculty of Business & Economics of the University of Hong Kong majoring in accounting and finance. In 2002, he joined the HSBC as Financial Planning Manager and received a number of awards, including the 37th Distinguished Salesperson Award in 2005 and a number of industrial awards for his brilliant achievements. In the same year, Mr. Tam was qualified as the CFPCM Certified Financial Planner.

Mr. Tam is an active supporter of child education. Since 2011, he helped with the construction of primary and secondary schools and organizing education subsidization schemes in mountain areas benefitting thousands of children by raising millions of RMB jointly with the Power of Love. In October 2015, he personally took part in building a primary school and repairing walls in the mountainous Sa La Di Po Xiang in Zhaojue County of Sichuan Province.

Besides supporting charitable business with his own capacity, Mr. Tam also leads the company to participate in the Caring Company Scheme organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. He actively performs corporate social responsibilities to build an inclusive society. He also liaises with the dialysis Centre of the Power of Love in the capacity of the company's Caring Ambassador, besides recruiting volunteer workers whom he leads to take part in charitable activities.

Mr. Alven Chan

Chief Distribution Officer of GET MDream Wealth Management Limited

Mr. Chan Lap Yin is the bachelor's degree holder of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Since September 2016, Mr. Chan has been Chief Distribution Officer and a member of the management team of GMD and has been registered as Chief Executive of Professional Insurance Brokers Association on behalf of GMD.

He joined GET as business development consultant in 2012 and successfully extended our footprints to a number of important Asian markets. He was appointed as Head of Training Department in September 2015.

As an experienced expert in independent wealth management sector, Mr. Chan has served important positions in the company such as Professional Training Department, Consultancy Administration Department and Product Research & Development Department.

Mr. Chan insists on the principle of customer-orientation and endeavours to train professional wealth management teams for Hong Kong. He has made important contributions to the maintenance of the professional image of the company's sales business and formulation of strategic development plans.


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