Investment - Linked Assurance Scheme

Helping you to capture worldwide opportunities and assist you in planning for the future

What is Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme?

An investment-linked assurance scheme is a hybrid of life insurance and unit trust investment. There are countless such products to choose from and in fact you can replicate the structure yourself. Policy value and Death benefit are linked to fund performance. It allows you to capture worldwide opportunities and diversify investment risk, giving you various fund choices. And funds of different levels of risk are provided, you can choose according to your risk tolerance. You can also benefits from dollar cost averaging, regular contribution with the same amount regardless of the market up or down. Thus, the market risk can be averaged.



Who Need Investment-Linked Assurance Scheme?

Many people may rely on you today, but have you considered what would happen if you were to die tomorrow? Whilst many of us are not aware of or do not want to consider this question, protecting those that depend on you today will ensure that they are protected for tomorrow, providing peace of mind and financial security.   Life insurance not only provides death benefit but also the opportunity to invest.

Investment-linked Assurance Scheme gives you the opportunities to invest to a vast range of funds, bonds and currencies across various regions and industries globally. This can help you to invest at fixed amount and time that help to average risk of your investment.

Why choose GMD?

Our financial advisors develops strategies to help  you manage your financial affairs and meet your life goals. With the investment portfolio management decision being delegated to GMD, we can focus on the strategic overview on allocating your financial resources in any stage of your life.

We will help you to preserve your assets to fulfill your evolving financial needs and support your needs.




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