Excellence Club

Raymond Lam

Regional Director

GMD is an energetic company and a workplace that full with professionalism.
We all united together from back office staff to front line consultants. We are like one big family with love to share with each other. I believe it is difficult to find such culture in another company.
GMD provides an excellent platform for me and my team to develop our career.
GMD has a very strong vision to strive towards professionalism. It was a financial institution initially, and then developed to become one of the listed IFA companies in the industry. I also believe the core value and the vision of GMD is very similar to my beliefs which is to help clients to achieve their goals enhance biggest success.

Angel Tang

District Director

GMD is a young, energetic and united company that always strives towards a common goal. In order to improve ourselves, our management opens to different views and willing to accept different ideas. Being a caring company, our colleagues organize various volunteering activities to the needs and give back to the society from time to time.
The reasons I chose GMD are because the unity of company, the friendly and healthy competition among colleagues and the open-minded management team. GMD truly understands our clients’ needs and always achieves the best for our clients' benefit.


Hawk He

Executive Vice President

GMD culture is Professional and stand at client's perspective. create,protect and transmission wealth.
I choose GMD firstly want to make the people life better and can have more choices. Also due to know some of my friends lose money for not familiar with finance. I want to make the people who around me get financial freedom earlier and Realize their dream.

Leanne Fu

Senior Vice President

I believe everyone will find their own stage and shine gloriously, and for me GMD is a workplace that full of miracles and working here is definitely my moment; this is where I can glow. I joined IFA industry since 2008, but it wasn’t my favorite moment, I had my up and downs until the moment I met Mr. Rick Tam in 2011 (CEO of GMD). He is the one who persuade me GMD is different from the other IFA companies. GMD has a special culture that not everywhere can be found, all the staffs would help and support each other, the atmosphere was filled with love with no doubt. From being a newbie to having my own team, GMD definitely is the place where I found my interest towards finance and found happiness.


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